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organising & campaigning

As one of the largest general trade unions in Britain, GMB is a leading force in campaigning for improved working and living conditions for members and their families.

Facts show that you are better off in the GMB. Through the tireless hardwork and campaigning of trade unions you are half as likely to be injured in a unionised workplace as you would be in a non-unionised workplace.

A fundamental part of the GMB Union’s approach to supporting our growing membership is the way in which we represent people in the workplace. We believe that is vital that we effectively organise in all workplaces where there are GMB members so that in each workplace we can show that when you join the GMB there is going to be regular contact on local workplace issues as well as wider sector issues.

The purpose of GMB@Work is to bring workplace organising training to the top of the agenda for new GMB representatives; to involve GMB organisers more closely with the active development of new GMB representatives; to standardise the approach taken to workplace
organisation training across the GMB; to help the GMB to grow as a Trade Union.

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