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Why Join GMB?

The GMB is a non-profit organisation, re-investing our income into improving the quality of service provided to members in addition to
campaigning and fighting to improve the lives of members and their families. GMB membership provides security at work and the points below highlight some of the key benefits of being a trade union member;

Improved terms and conditions
Every year the GMB improves the terms and conditions of thousands of members. In unionised workplaces average earnings are around 8% higher than non-unionised workplaces. GMB negotiations have increased the holiday entitlement, pay, health and safety, maternity and paternity rights and more for thousands of members across Britain.

As a GMB member you are less likely to be injured, sacked or discriminated against
Facts show that unionised workplaces have fewer accidents than non-unionised workplaces. The GMB’s network of shop stewards and safety representatives are trained to reduce and where possible remove any risks posed to you in your workplace. GMB membership also means that you are half as likely to be sacked than a non member. For years the GMB has campaigned to reduce discrimination, both in the workplace and the wider community. With the support of the GMB you are now far less likely to be discriminated against.

Professional service
With years of experience, professionally trained and motivated representatives, staff and solicitors, you are in good hands. The GMB legal services recover millions of pounds each year for members and their families – since January 2007 the GMB Northern Region alone has recovered more than £12.5 million without members paying a penny more than their monthly contributions.

Equality is always high on the GMB agenda and following years of campaigning in this area recognised workplaces are now 20% more likely to have an equal opportunities policy.

And more…
From Keeping Public Services Public to campaigns at the AA and ASDA, the GMB is fighting for members where it matters – in the

With union learning representatives throughout the region you will also be able to take advantage of training opportunities, not to mention all of the financial benefits and services that the GMB offer.

How Much Does it Cost?

GMB contributions are determined by the number of
hours worked per week.

The Current GMB contribution rates are;

Full-time (working more than 20 hours per week)
£3.05 per week or £13.22 per month

Part-time (working 10-20 hours per week)
£1.78 per week or £7.72 per month


If you still require further information or have any
specific queries about GMB membership please do not hesitate to contact us...

Contact us at Newcastle, Cumbria, Middlesbrough & Sunderland

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