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Gaming Industry Workers to Benefit From Gambling Commission Hotline Request From GMB Casino Workers

Following requests from GMB casino workers for the Gambling Commission to establish greater communication structures between the Commission and gaming sector workers, the Gambling Commission has now agreed that all gaming workers who may wish to highlight incidents of concern that may occur within their workplace will shortly have the opportunity to do so using a confidential hotline.  This hotline will be available to workers within casinos, bookmakers, bingo halls and across all areas for which the Gambling Commission has responsibility.

It has been a long held view of gaming industry employers that CCTV and audio surveillance within gaming establishments are principally available to monitor the integrity of gaming and assist in settling disputes that may arise.  Casino employees however, are of the opinion that if this equipment is readily available then it should also be used in a focused manner to address any elements of concern that may arise as a result of problem gaming, such as the abuse of staff and other customers. The hotline number is 0121 230 6655 and should go live on Wednesday 17th March


GMB National Gaming Organiser Adrian Baker…………..

“This specific outcome from the meeting between the Gambling Commission and GMB casino workers is a huge step forward in terms of not only the safety of all staff within the gaming industry, but is also an opportunity for the Gambling Commission to focus resources on incidents that are reported directly by gaming sector workers themselves.  Casino workers have historically felt that if a complaint were made against a customer in respect of abuse, then a number of factors would be taken into consideration by local management with principally the individual financial value of the customer being placed above the need to address their abusive behaviour directed against staff.  This is a wholly unacceptable practice. The GMB will actively encourage all gaming sector workers to use this facility in a bid to eradicate abuse of gaming staff and create a safer working environment across all gaming sectors. We actively encourage our members to use this facility whilst simultaneously informing the GMB of any concerns they raise”.

The Gambling Commission Confidential Telephone Line will be operational by Wednesday 17 March. The number is 0121 230 6655 and we expect it to be used for the reporting of i) breaches of regulation, ii) criminal activity, and/or iii) matters impacting on licence holder suitability.

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