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09/07/2014 - Union Leader Calls on council to use the 'Windfall on Wages' to help the most vulnerable in communities (PDF)
19/05/2014 - Major Row Brewing at Sellafield (PDF)
06/05/2014 - Trade union comes out against elected Mayor (PDF)
28/01/2014 - Care Home Fails to Provide Employee with Rest Breaks (PDF)
10/01/2014 - South Tyneside Homes Discrimination Tribunal (PDF)
08/01/2014 - Union Anger at North Shields Announcement (PDF)
27/11/2013 - Union Slams big 6 Power Company (PDF)
14/11/2013 - Unions Open Letter to Councillors (PDF)
11/11/2013 - Union Welcomes Minister to Defence Munitions Longtown (PDF)
08/11/2013 - Council Passes Motion Against Blacklisting (PDF)
28/10/2013 - Union Praises Councils (PDF)
24/04/2013 - Unrest at Chemical Company (PDF)
01/03/2013 - GMB worried about risk of infection with job role switch (PDF)





Sick and Accident Society Draw Winners for July 2014

1st Prize of £150 - C Preston, Newcastle & North Tyne General Branch
2nd Prize of £100 - P Saunders, South East Northumberland General Branch
3rd Prize of £50 - A Grearson, Sellafield Industrial Branch
4th Prize of £50 - M Laws, Sunderland 9 Branch

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